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To bring a greater sense of balance and remuneration to the business of Copyright, not only in T&T but throughout the world

Quick History

The Trinidad and Tobago Copyright Collection Organisation – TTCO was establish in the year 2000 by its President, Dr. Vijay Ramlal.


A Brief background on Trinidad and Tobago Copyright Collection Organization (TTCO)
1. The TTCO was founded, the 28th August 2000.
2. TTCO is a Non Profit Organization.
3. TTCO is a Copyright Licensing body that protects unique areas of Intellectual Property such as: Neighbouring Rights, Works of Mas and Traditional Copyright.

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Meet The Team

Mr. Asten Isaac

President / Producer / Performer

Dr. Vijay Ramlal-Rai

Director & Founder

Agnes Ragoobarsingh

Director & Founder

    Nankissoon Rampartap

    Director & Performer

      Ramchand Rajpal Maraj

      Producer & Member

        Ms Kathleen Bostic

        Director & Member