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    Under the laws of Trinidad & Tobago whose registered address is situated

    1. Hereinafter called “The Producer/Designer/Performer of Mas” hereby ASSIGNS my rights in relation to Works of Mas under the Copyright Act, Chapter 82.80 of the Laws of Trinidad & Tobago to The Trinidad & Tobago Copyright Collection Organisation (TTCO) (which expression shall include its successors and assigns) a nonprofit company incorporated under the laws of Trinidad and Tobago and whose registered office is situate at Suite 10, Cruise Ship Complex, Dock Road, Port of Spain and HEREBY APPOINTS that said TTCO to be its exclusive agent in respect of its works (“Works”) in the Territory of Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the world to do the following acts:

    (i) To manage and administer, both individually & collectively with other works of mas created and owned by producers, designers, and performers, its rights and interests as owner of its present and future works.

    (ii) To ensure that its rights, title and interests in the Works are protected from unfair treatment or illegal use and exploitation and are not compromised or prejudiced in any manner whatsoever.

    (iii) To negotiate on its behalf with third parties fair and reasonable terms and conditions for the use exploitation of its Works.

    (iv) To ensure that all terms and conditions of third parties’ use and exploitation of its Works are properly monitored and enforced and to collect royalties on the basis of the extent and commercial value of the use of the Works.

    (v) To distribute the royalties collected (after deductions for administrative expenses) for the use of its Works in proportion to the usage of the Works.

    (vi) To represent its interests in all commercial and legal matters relating to its rights title and interest in the Works.

    2. The Producer /Designer/Performer agrees to register with the TTCO its present Works within one week of the signing of this ASSIGNMENT and with respect to future Works will be registered automatically prior to the performance of the production and to deposit with the TTCO copies of designs of its Works in a modern appropriate format.

    3. The Producer/Designer/Performer of Mas agrees to inform the TTCO promptly in writing of all changes of address, its legal status and names of members of its Executive or Board of Directors as may be necessary for best practice in administrative management.

    4. The Producer/Designer/Performer of Mas warrants and confirms that all the works of mas it assigns to the TTCO are its original productions and that it is the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights subsisting therein and that it has not made any assignment, granted any license or appointed any other agent that are currently in force in respect of the copyright in the Works.

    5. The Producer/Designer/Performer of Mas hereby agrees and undertakes that the Intellectual Property Rights consents, releases, moral rights, contractual obligations, artistic works, music and other rights of any nature that contribute to and or are a component of the Works shall be cleared in respect of all rights granted under this letter of appointment and that the Works contain no violation of any existing Intellectual Property Rights or any other third party right or interest.

    6. The Producer/Designer/Performer of Mas undertakes and agrees to give notice via whatever means to the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad & Tobago and all other agencies and institutions Nationally and Internationally involved in the organisation, production, management and marketing of carnival of its appointment of TTCO as its exclusive agent for purposes exploiting of Intellectual Property Rights management and collection.

    7. The Producer/Designer/Performer of Mas agrees and undertakes to refer any and all enquiries and requests for the use and exploitation of its works by TTCO.

    8. The Producer/ Designer/Performer confirms that it is properly authorized to grant this ASSIGNMENT to the TTCO and that all rules and procedures of its organisation/company/association were respected and observed and that the person signing the ASSIGNMENT on its behalf is duly authorized to do so.

    9. The Producer/Designer/Performer of Mas agrees to be a member of the The Trinidad & Tobago Copyright Collection Organisation since TTCO is the only CMO administering such rights under the copyright act of Trinidad & Tobago as outlined by The Ministry of Legal Affairs IPO Office Letter dated 03rd June 2019.

    10. This ASSIGNMENT takes effect from the date of signature by the The Producer/Designer/Performer of Mas indicated below and can be withdrawn by the The Producer/Designer/Performer of mas giving 12 months’ notice in writing.

    11.All assignments made and licenses granted by TTCO on behalf of Producer/Designer/Performer of mas after its administrative deduction/s the TTCO will remain liable for the disbursement of royalties collected on behalf of The Producer/Designer/Performer of mas via the band leader/manager/agent/ individual. The TTCO will remain liable for payment of royalties collected on behalf of Producer/Designer/Performer of Mas in respect of any licenses or assignments granted by TTCO .

    A form of I.D.


    The TTCO hereby accepts the ASSIGNMENT on the terms and conditions set out above and shall use its best efforts to perform its obligations and responsibilities. In particular the TTCO undertakes and agrees to:

    (1) maintain a record of all works produced by

    (2) proactively manage, administer and market the Works;

    (3) ensure that the terms and conditions of all licenses and assignments made pursuant to this appointment are properly monitored and enforced;

    (4) provide quarterly statements of all assignments and licenses granted in respect of the Works;

    (5) distribute promptly the royalties collected (after deduction for administrative expenses) for the use of the Works;

    (6) do any other things to protect and represent the best interests of in respect of the Works.

    Signed for and on behalf of the TTCO by its duly authorized representative: