The Definition of “Works of Mas” Under the Copyright Act. 82:80

A “Work of Mas” is an original production intended to be performed by a person or group of persons in which an artistic work in the form of an adornment or image presented by the person or persons, is the primary element of the production and which such adornment or image may be accompanied by words, music, choreography or other works, regardless of whether the production is intended to be performed on stage, platform, street or other venue.



This Act shall also apply to Works made, Performances given, Sound Recordings made and Broadcasts first transmitted before the date of the coming into force of this Act, Copyright 1985.


“Works of Mas” therefore comprises:

The performer in the performance (The Masquerader/Live Performer)

Author/Composer (Music)

The Designer/The producer

The Bandleader – as the owner of the entire production


Who are TTCO’s members under “Works of Mas”?

300 members of the NCDF (Legacy, Tribe, Spice, Fantasy, Island People etc.) as well as, individual bandleaders, designers and producers.


Who are some of the other organisations that must sign into TTCO under “Works of Mas”?

NCC, NCBA, Pantrinbago, TUCO, Broadcasters/Television Stations, Commercial Businesses, Borough Corporations, Print/Producers of Magazines, Designers/Design House, Movie Houses/Cinemas.